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Kleiser; family
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Diaries of Cuthbert joseph Kleiser

This series comprises 7 bound volumes, the diaries of Cuthbert Joseph Kleiser (1855-1929). They mainly focus on events in York, particularly associated with the theatre and dramatic arts. They are handwritten.

Records relating to theatre performances

Volumes, lists, and notes regarding theatre performances and other cultural productions in York and Yorkshire and across the country. Compiled by Cuthbert Joseph Kleiser. Includes pantomimes, ballets and operas. Also includes details of his visits to London to attend performances. Also lists productions in Paris, France.
The dates of several of the volumes overlap.

Kleiser; family

Photographs of Kleiser, Cundall and other families

Photograph albums, cartes de visite, and loose photographs depicting the Kleiser family and related families and persons (including Cundall family), as well as various locations and the Kleiser shop at 22 Parliament Street. The collection also includes 12 photographs of assorted Catholic clergymen. Some of the photographs include handwritten identifications of the subjects, in others the subject is not identified. Some photographs are professional studio portraits, others are amateur 'snaps'. There are duplicates of some of the photographs. All the photographs are in black and white or sepia, though some have been tinted with colour.
The Cundalls were related to the Kleisers by marriage.

Kleiser; family

Photograph album - Kleiser and related families

Small photograph album containing portraits of various members of the Kleiser and Cundall families and other individuals. Includes 'J H Kleiser', 'Cyril (Kleiser)', 'C.W. (Kleiser)', 'Mrs Cundall'. 'Luke Cundall', 'Miss C Dussen', 'Mrs Rodwell', 'Eustace', 'Geo. Calvert', 'Lizzie Calvert', 'Maud', 'Mr and Mrs Bradshaw', 'Mrs Pool', 'George & Clark of L.W.', 'Mabel Hooke', 'Theo', 'Mrs Moore', and 'Paul'. Some spaces where photographs have been lost prior to deposit. Photographs are in black and white.

Kleiser; family

Photograph Album - Kleiser family and premises

Leather bound album with clasp containing black & white portraits of unidentified individuals, presumably including the Kleiser family, Klesier premises at Stonegate and Parliament Street. Assorted photographs of unidentified buildings, outdoor spaces and statues, perhaps from holidays. Some of the photographs have had colour added.

Kleiser; family

Photographs - locations

Photographs of assorted locations apparently linked to the Kleiser and Cundall families. Includes photographs of locations in Scotland.

Kleiser; family

House in rural area

Black and white mounted photograph of a house in a rural location with two men sat on wall outside. Premises includes a barn type building.
No date or caption provided.

Kleiser; family

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