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GB0192-327 · Personne · 1791-1858

James Raine was born in 1791 in Ovington, Yorkshire, the son of James Raine, a blacksmith, and Anne Moore.
He married Mary Peacock, with whom he had three daughters and a son, James Raine (2). He died in 1858.
The second James Raine married Ann Jane Keyworth in 1867. They had ten children, including Angelo Raine, b. c1877.
The first James Raine(1791-1958) was grandfather to Angelo Raine, Antiquary and Clergyman (1877-1962)
See Also - Raine; Angelo (1877-1962); Rev.; Antiquarian and clergyman

GB0192-328 · Personne · 1877-1962

Angelo Raine was born in 1877, the son of James Raine (1830-1896) and Ann Keyworth. He died in 1962.
He was the grandson of James Raine, Antiquary and Clergyman (1791-1845).
See Also - Raine; James (1791-1858); Rev.; antiquarian and clergyman