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J.W. Ruddock & Sons
Collectivité · c1881-1967

Although the firm of J.W. Ruddock's tailors was established c1881, members of the Ruddock family were tailors in York from at least 1851.
John Ruddock was born in c1823 and had four sons: George (b. c1844), John William (1) (b. c1852), Tom (b. c1855) and James (b. c1859).
John William Ruddock also had four sons - George Ruddock (b. c1882), John W. Ruddock (2) (b. c1883), Harold W. Ruddock (b. c1887), and Henry Ernest Ruddock (b. c1893).

R.W. Anderson & Son
Collectivité · 1855-c.1975

There were three generations of Robert Andersons who worked as tailors in York.
Robert William Anderson (1) was born in 1803. His son Robert Anderson (2) was born in 1839. His son, Robert Walter Anderson (3), was born in 1869. He also had a son named Robert W. Anderson (4) who was 15 in 1911.