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              Correspondence of Cuthbert Joseph Kleiser
              KLE/5/1 · Subsérie · 1911-1928
              Parte de Kleiser family collection

              Correspondence of Cuthbert Joseph Kleiser reflecting his personal and business life and his interest in, and support of the theatre in York and further afield. With the exception of KLE/5/1/25, all correspondence is from other individuals to Kleiser. He is sometimes addressed as 'Joseph', 'Joe' or 'Mr J Kleiser', particularly in the more informal letters from friends and family. Indeed, he signs himself 'J Kleiser' in the single piece of correspondence sent by him to Mr Cahill (KLE/5/1/25).

              Letter from Wentworth Hogg
              KLE/5/1/19 · Item · 3 July 1925
              Parte de Kleiser family collection

              Mr Hogg (of Brighton) thanks Kleiser for his kind letter and congratulations. Suggests that next time Kleiser visits London he would find it interesting to compare the 'present premises' with the 'old shop at 89 Strand'. Mentions Hogg's purchase of 'Arrah na Pogue' at a sale of plays.