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Munby; family
GB0192-316 · Family · c1800 - present

Joseph Munby, solicitor, was the son of Joseph Munby and Jane Pearson. He was born in 1804.. In 1827, he married Caroline Eleanor Forth . They had seven children:

  • Arthur Munby b. c1829
  • John Forth. Munby b. c1832
  • George Frederick Woodhouse Munby b. c 1834
  • Frederick J. Munby b. c1838
  • Joseph Munby b. c1840
  • Caroline Munby b. c1844
  • Edward C. Munby b c1846

Frederick Munby and his wife, Elizabeth, had two children:
-Beatrice b. c1867
-John Cecil bc1876

Morrell; family
GB0192-317 · Family · c1799-1963

Robert Morrell was born in Sowerby, nr Thirsk, in 1799. In 1829, he married Anna Wilson in Masham. They had three children - Robert (b. 1830), Jemima (b. 1832) and William Wilberforce (b. 1838).
In 1869, William Wilberforce Morrell married Lydia Hutchinson. They had two sons - Cuthbert (b. 1872) and John Bowes (b. 1873).

Swales; family; Butchers
GB0192-319 · Family · c1800-c1813

John Swales (1) was born c1800.He was the son of Thomas Swales. In 1812, he was apprenticed to John Wilson, a butcher. He died in 1859. His son, John Swales (2) was born c1835. He and his wife, Mary, had three sons - John Thomas Swales (b.c1869), George Anderson Swales (b. c1871), and James Ernest Swales (b. c1879). John (2) died in 1886, and Mary in 1903.
Their son, John Thomas Swales married Ada Plummer in May 1897. They had two children - Hilda Swales (b. c1898) and Thomas Swales (b. c1910).

Aitken; family
GB0192-320 · Family · 1576-1900

Members of the Aitken family lived in York from 1576. Henry Martin Aitken b. c1815. Married Elizabeth Atkinson in 1843. Died 1874.
Elizabeth Aitken was born c. 1823 and died c.1896.
Their children included: Lydia (1844-1879), Rose (b. 1849), Henry Horatio (b. 1853), Violet (1857-1888), Edith (1861-1941), Elizabeth Mary (c. 1864-1870), Robert (1866-1876), and Charles (b. 1869-1936).

The family lived in the Bishophill area of York during the period covered by this collection. Henry Martin Aitken was a surgical instrument maker.
Henry Horatio Aitken was a glass manufacturer with a business at 29 Micklegate.
Charles Aitken was Director of the Whitechapel Art Gallery from 1901 - 1911. In 1911, he became Keeper of the Tate Gallery, and was it's first Director from 1917 - 1930.
Harry Aitken (Henry's son) became a dentist in Newcastle. The Aitken family travelled around England and Europe, and many of the letters in this collection refer especially to their travels to Neuwied, Germany, and Rotterdam.

Henry Horatio Aitken married Annie Amelia Brown. They had a son, Henry George Aitken (b. 1877) who was known as 'Harry' in the family.

Cundall; family
GB0192-321 · Family · 1783-1933

William Cundall was born c. 1835. He and his wife Mary Ann (b. c1850) had three children - Mary Gertrude (b. c1877), William Marshall (b. c1879) and John Ernest (b. c1880)
John Cundall was born c. 1811. He and his wife Ann (b. c1819) had seven children - Mary A. (b. c1850), William Farrar (b. 1851, d. 1851), Robert Henry (b. c1852), John A.W. (b. c1854), Horatio F. (b. c1855), Grace T. (b. c1858) and Elizabeth (b. c1859).
Horatio Farrer. Cundall died in 1933.

Gray; family
GB0192-325 · Family · 1623-present

William Gray (1) was born in 1751, the son of a Hull packer. He married Faith Hopwood in 1777. They had three children - Jonathan (b. 1779), Margaret (b. 1782), and William (2) (b.1785). William Gray (1) died in 1845.
His son, Jonathan Gray and his wife Mary had two children, Margaret (2) (b.1808) and William (2). Jonathan died in 1837. His son, William Gray (3) had a son, Edwin, born in 1847. Edwin died in 1929.
See Also - Gray; William (1751-1845); Solicitor
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Pigott; family; astronomers
GB0192-338 · Family · 1725-1825

Nathanial Pigott was born in 1725, the son of Ralph Pigott, a lawyer, and Alethea Fairfax. Alethea Fairfax was the daughter of William, 9th Viscount Fairfax, of Gilling Castle. In 1749, he married Anna Mathurine de Beriot of Louvain. In the 1770s, he moved to York in an attempt to settle his claim to the Fairfax estate at Gilling. He died in 1804.
His eldest son, Edward, was born in 1753. Edward was disinherited from the Fairfax title due to a family quarrel, and it was passed to his brother, Charles. He died in 1825.
Worked with John Goodricke from 1781. Great-grandson of 9th Viscount Fairfax. Brother Charles married Mary Goodricke, aunt of John Goodricke.
See Also - Goodricke; John (1764 - 1786); astronomer

Sumpner; family
GB0192-367 · Family · c1781-19th century

A John Sumpner, born in 1783, appears on the 1841 census, living with his son, also named John.
A Thomas Sumpner was born in 1791. He married a Martha Willingham in 1860 and they had 2 children - another John, born in 1862, and Susannah, born in 1864.
By 1881, Martha Sumpner was a widow, and lived at 6 Park Street.

Allen; family
GB0192-460 · Family · 1770 - 1833

Samuel and Mary Allen had seven children, five of whom were boys. Four of the latter became ordained ministers in the Church of England, and it is this factor which gives a distinctive character to the archive, which spans the period 1800 to 1880. Samuel James Allen (1797-1856), the eldest son was vicar of Easingwold, North Yorkshire from 1839 until his death, thus creating a local connection. He was an artist of marked ability with a passion for what he described as 'Archaeomania'. There is little information about Robert (1800-42), a merchant seaman until his premature death from cholera aboard ship in the Bay of Calcutta. George (1806-68) was also ordained and spent time as a missionary in India, while Isaac (1808-55) followed a similar career, distinguishing himself as one of the first army chaplains to serve in Afghanistan.

Two of Samuel James Allen's children have a special significance in the archive. George Samuel (1832-1902), like his father, was ordained and spent some of the later years of his ministry near York (in the parish of Kirkby Wharfe, Tadcaster). He also inherited his father's artistic abilities, working in a similar style and with the same kind of subject-matter. Samuel's youngest child Lucy (1836-1911) also has a local connection: in 1857, she married Joseph Foxley, at the time chaplain to the Archbishop of York and subsequently vicar of Market Weighton.

Ambler; family; Yorkshire
GB0192-627 · Family · 20th century

The Ambler family were a family based in York in the early 20th century. The dominant members of the family are Thomas Ambler, Freeman of the City, who lived in Nunnery Lane, and Louis Ambler. The family had branches in West Yorkshire, York, Lincolnshire, Herefordshire, Shropshire, London and America, and Louis Ambler published a book on the family in 1924, with Thomas contributing local research to that work.

Cattle; family
GB0192-657 · Family · ?-?

The Cattle family was a family based in York and the surrounding area for a number of generations. A history of the family, including alternative spellings of the name, was compiled by a member of the family in 2004.

Robinson; family
GB0192-664 · Family · 1100-2000

William Robinson (d. 1616), Lord Mayor of York in 1581, acquired estates in and near York (Clifton and Rawcliffe, North Riding) and at Newby (near Topcliffe, North Riding). Sir William Robinson, fourth Bt (d. 1770), of Newby Park, sold the reversion of the Clifton estate to his uncle Thomas Robinson, 1st Baron Grantham (d. 1770), a younger son of Sir William Robinson, first Bt (d. 1736). Following the death of the 4th Bt without issue, the 3rd Baron Grantham (1781-1859) succeeded to the remaining unsold estates of the senior Robinson line, including Newby and Dishforth (North Riding) and property in Wensleydale (Askrigg, etc, North Riding). He also inherited Newby Hall (near Ripon, West Riding) and other estates of the Weddell family; and in 1833 succeeded to the Wrest Park estates as second Earl De Grey.

On Lord De Grey's death in 1859 the De Grey estates passed to his elder daughter Ann, Baroness Lucas, who married the 6th Earl Cowper, and the Newby Hall estate to his younger daughter Lady Mary Vyner. Of the Robinson properties, the Askrigg and Clifton estates passed to the Cowper and Vyner families, but the Newby Park estate passed to Lord De Grey's nephew George Robinson, 2nd Earl and 1st Marquess of Ripon (1827-1909).

Frederick Robinson (1782-1859), younger brother of the 2nd Earl De Grey and Prime Minister 1827-8, was created Viscount Goderich in 1827 and Earl of Ripon in 1833. In 1814 he married Sarah, only daughter of the 4th Earl of Buckinghamshire (d. 1816), through whom he succeeded to the Nocton (Lincolnshire) estate inherited by the 3rd Earl from the Ellis family. In 1845, on the death of Elizabeth Lawrence, he further succeeded to the West Riding estates of her grandfather William Aislabie (d. 1781), including Studley Royal, inherited through Aislabie's mother from the Mallory family, and the adjoining Fountains Abbey estate, purchased in 1767.

Following the death of the 2nd Marquess of Ripon in 1923 the Studley Royal and Fountains Abbey estate was acquired by his cousin Clare George Vyner, younger son of Lady Alwyne Compton-Vyner.

Estates in 1883: Yorks NR and WR 14,668 acres, Lincs 7,102 acres, total 21,770 acres worth £29,126 a year.

Hey; family
GB0192-690 · Family · 19th century

The Hey family were resident in York in the 19th century. The family was intermarried with the Gray family of Grays solicitors, York, and associated papers can be found in the business collection (reference GDC) and the family collection (reference GFP).

Leng; family
GB0192-703 · Family · 18th century-20th century

The Leng family were residents of York, and are most well known for the creation of the 'Fulford Biscuit', and for their factory in York.

The 'Fulford Biscuit' was the creation of John Leng and his wife, Hannah Horsely, who lived in Wilberfoss. John, and his brother William, were brought up by their Uncle Thomas after their father died and their mother, Elizabeth Horsley, remarried. In 1800 Uncle Thomas died and left William £300. John, who was a 28 year old baker, was left the farm.

John and Hannah had 7 children, and his brother William and hist wife Ellis Rowntree had 10. It was during this time that the biscuit, which became so popular, was created. The biscuit was plain, yeast-raised, and saucersized, a development from the much plainer (and harder) ship's biscuit.

In the early 1800's, John sold out to William and moved to Fulford in search of a better education for the boys and better marriage prospects for his girls. Non-Freeman of the City were not allowed to open a shop in York, but could trade in Thursday market, where William sold his meat and where kin lived at 7 St. Sampson's Square.

77 Main Street, Fulford, became John Leng's family home with the bakery built into the side of the house. John set up his son 'Biscuit John' in St. Saviourgate, later moving to 2 Coppergate.
His son Charles was in Lambeth, distributing the biscuits. Brother William's sons Robert and George were apprentices when their father and two brothers died in 1831. Their mother, Ellis, moved to 69 Main Street, Fulford. Baker John died in 1849, and as Hannah was already dead, the Fulford Biscuit rights and recipe were left to daughters Mary and Maria Leng. Mary died in 1855 and Maria married.

Once qualified, Robert and George set up at 7 St Sampson's Square as competitors to Biscuit John, as York was now an open market. Later his only son John Philip, still at 2 Coppergate, sold the biscuits but later traded as a corn and flour merchant also buying many properties in York for his 10 children. Only George and his family continued making the biscuits at 77 Main Street. They were sold in Coppergate until 1902, when his widow, Jane Hunt, died.

Marjorie Leng, a granddaughter of John Philip, inherited the recipe, but not the method.

Sowray family
GB0192-784 · Family · (c19th century - 20th century)

Family living at Alma Terrace in York.

Loadman Family of York
GB0192-785 · Family · 19th century - 20th century

At least two generations of the Loadman family ran a shop initially at 5 College Street, then at 37 Stonegate and at Minster Gates, York, as a dealer in antiques, old china, furniture, and curios.

The shop was started by Thomas Loadman between 1871 and 1881, and operated until at least the 1950s. Thomas Loadman was born in Helmsley in 1819 as the son of a brewer. He married Jane Sollitt in 1845 in York. Thomas Loadman worked as a gas inspector for most of his career and appears to have opened the shop as a dealer in old china alongside this role later in life with the support of his wife and children. Several of his children helped to run the shop and continued to run it after his death. This includes: Margaret Elizabeth Loadman, born 1847, who moved the shop to Stonegate after Thomas Loadman's death; Eugene Loadman, born c 1865; and Herbert Myers Loadman, born c 1873.

Kleiser; family
Family · 1819-1977

Joseph Benedikt Kleiser was born in Freiburg in Baden, Germany, in 1823. He was baptised there on 19 March 1823. His parents were Jacob Kleiser and Fransizka Geschwander. He had an older brother, Andreas (later Andrew), born in 1819.
On 12 March 1840, Joseph arrived in London via Calais and Belfast. Andrew (under the name Andreas) had arrived two years previously, on 2 Nov 1839.

By the time of the 1841 census, both brothers were working as clockmakers. Joseph lived and worked in Chelmsford, Essex, while Andrew had settled in York, where he lived on Stonegate along with his business partner, Philip Schwerer.

In 1854, Joseph married Mary Potter in York. They had three sons:
Cuthbert Joseph Kleiser (born 1855)
John Henry Kleiser (born 1857)
Louis Augustine Kleiser (born 1860).

Andrew Kleiser had also married into the Potter family. He married Hannah Potter in September 1847 at the Catholic chapel on Little Blake Street. They had one daughter, Jane Frances. She was born in 1849 but died in 1853, aged about four.

Andrew was naturalised in September 1852, and Joseph was naturalised in April 1854.
Andrew died in January 1885, and Joseph later that year in December. As Andrew had no surviving children, the Kleiser business passed to Joseph's three sons, Cuthbert, John, and Louis..

Cuthbert Joseph Kleiser married Hannah Lilian Cundall, the daughter of Luke and Hannah Cundall, in 1888. They had one son, Louis Cyril Kleiser, born 1893. Cuthbert died in 1929.

John Henry Kleiser never married, and died in 1920, a patient at the York Asylum.

Louis Augustine Kleiser also never married, and died in 1943.

Cuthbert's son, Louis Cyril Kleiser, was also known as 'Cyril'. He was born in 1893 and died in 1977.